Collage in vibrant red and orange that says, "cookies / edges / cook / cunt / eat however you like / Arc" underneath a painted brown eye shot through with blue and forest green.
One of a kind collage with offprints from cunt poems and womb wound. offprints, ink, and other found media. 2021.
Black and white portrait of a woman in partial smile wearing silver goggles on her forehead and a patterned hoodie.
Soft and Savage Self-portrait, 2021.
hyper saturated red cherry set on black and white text that reads, "sing differ / climb in / here my ski / et press"
cherry ink. 2022.

Earth is not broken for all she endures, and neither are we.

Toy plastic helicopter posed against the clear blue sky punctuated by a few trees and a spatter of whisky clouds
Park Scene. 2021.
rising rose moon in a pink and light violet sky. Framed by a few green trees.
Branching, 2021.
Poster that reads "MY CUNT KNOWS" along with stencil, mylar backing, scissors, bone folder, and a purple sharpie.
collagraph printing in progress., 2022.